Cleaning Assistant

Cleaning Assistant for private house cleaning (35 hours/weekly)

Cleaning Assistant (Job)

Cleaning Assistant for private house cleaning (35 hours/weekly)

Can you contribute with flexibility, a high work ethic, a cheerful attitude and are you ready to be an active player in our team? Then we look forward to receiving your application for the job as a cleaning assistant in our company.

We are a Danish private Cleaning company. We are 45 motivated and competent employees. Our main office is in Køge. Dansk Privat Rengøring is a subsidiary to RengøringsGruppen Danmark, which was founded in 1996.

At Dansk Privat Rengøring we take pride in always executing our job in the best way possible. It includes high cleaning standard, the best customer service, good results, happy employees and top products. We build our everyday life on commitment, enthusiasm and motivation in order to provide the very best cleaning standard for our customers. Every day we aim for good cooperation between our customers and our employees. All in order to gain constant improvement of our cleaning company.

We are well known for our commitment, our service and high quality. We work hard for our customers, who appreciate our solutions and cooperation. Therefore, it is important that you can see yourself as being a part of this.

About the job

Your working hours are 35 hours weekly, in the period of 07:00 to 16:00 from Monday to Friday. You will have fixed route created so you are able to accomplish all your tasks within working hours.